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Am I the English-speaking local Business Coach you are looking for in Munich?

My name is Michael Simperl, I am a German certified Business Coach based in Munich. If you are seeking a professional and certified local English-speaking Business Coach in Greater Munich Area, I'd be pleased to get to know you. My coaching focuses on Employees, Executive Employees, Managers, Self-Employeds and Entrepreneurs.

What is Coaching (and what not):

Coaching, as offered here, is not concerned with consulting/giving advice or solutions, but with giving individual support to clients using efficient, professional techniques enabling them to formulate and achieve their own personal goals. These techniques include identifying personal skills and abilities to facilitate new perspectives, thoughts and explore possible scopes of action.

This approach assumes we are our own best experts, and that often our most useful ideas, knowledge and solutions lie within us. In order to activate these valuable resources a coach applies communication skills such as

  • listening
  • questioning
  • clarifying

and an array of other tools and techniques.

One of the coaching process' greatest advantages is its measurability: Both progress and efficacy can constantly be guaged by determining the coachee's proximity to achieving his or her ultimate goal.


  • Degree from one of Gemany's most intensive trainings in Business Coaching, in accordance with the requirements of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) (degree: Systemic Business Coach SBC®, training company: Munich Academy of Business Coaching)
  • Founder and former CEO for many years of a well-known Consulting and Marketing Agency
  • Familiar with all main aspects of business, entrepreneurship and administration
  • Regular insight in branches such as IT, Finance and Assurance, Construction, Health Care or Engineering due to parallel practice as a high-level Business copywriter
  • Trained in empathetic communication
  • Author of a successful guidebook ("Lessness – less is more"), available in German, French, Spanish and Korean


Business coaching is an excellent option if you are seeking for example:

  • A working solution
  • New perspectives
  • Clarity in a certain field
  • Helpful guidance in a challenging process or situation
  • Support in preparing for important meetings, conferences
  • Supportive guidance in discovering and realizing your full potential


The kind of Business Coaching you will be expecting:

  • Professional use of modern coaching tools (e.g. Inner Team, Scaling Question, Empty Chair ...)
  • Professional use of modern coaching techniques (e.g. Questioning, Listening, Visualizing ...)
  • Professional approach (empathetic, valuing, curious, challenging)
  • Goal-oriented
  • Solution-driven
  • Systemic
  • Constructivist
  • Gaugeable progress

Organizational aspects:

  • Coaching sessions can be held in my office in Munich (centrally located in Bogenhausen/Arabellapark) or at your company. Other venues such as hotels and airports are possible
  • One coaching session takes approximately 2 hours
  • An introductory meeting (30 minutes) is free of charge (in the Greater Munich Area also free of travel costs)

More about me:

  • Born in 1970
  • German nationality
  • Internationally oriented
  • Intercultural experience
  • Languages: German (first language), English (fluent), French (average), Italian (average), Hindi (elementary)
  • Married, two children

If you want to contact me please mail to: business (at) michaelsimperl.de


Michael Simperl,
Business & Executive Coach,


089 / 322 122 23

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Michael Simperl: dvct-zertifizierter Business Coach, in München und bundesweit verfügbar